Monday, February 22, 2010

Temecula Bridal Faire

This past Sunday, we attended our first bridal show (as a vendor that is). Without having any kind of benchmark, it's tough to say whether or not it was a "good" show in the grand scheme of bridal shows, but for us, it was AWESOME! Don't get us wrong, it was exhausting, but we loved it! We took our full photo booth set up and had it available for people to try out, and as they were using the booth and having a great time we had the chance to chat up some fine folks. For us it wasn't as much about trying to book the next gig as it was about getting word out that it is something you might want to consider for your wedding or other special event. Many people still had no idea that there are photo booths available for rent that come to YOU.

All in all, we got a new client that we're super excited about, about 75 people/couples/groups of friends enjoyed the photo booth, and we had a great day of good, honest hard work. Afterwards we celebrated with some Marie Callenders ;)

Here is a photo from the event (the only group that we thought to ask if we could use their photo :\ wish we had more)

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