Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Temecula Wedding Venue - Ponte Winery

Panorama of the Banquet Hall at Ponte Winery, Riverside Photo Booth set up on the left!
Ponte Winery
35053 Rancho California Road
Temecula, CA 92591

Our latest event found Riverside Photo Booth at Ponte Winery for the wedding of Jessica and Dan. Ponte Winery is yet another one of the many fine wineries in Temecula CA catering to both wine enthusiasts and engaged couples in search of the perfect venue.

Even with Ponte being located right next door one of the bigger wineries in Temecula, the way that the buildings, wedding area, and banquet areas were situated, all you can see are rolling hills and rows upon rows of grape vines. Here's how the rest of our experience broke down:

Things we loved:
- The staff was absolutley wonderful there. Everyone was helpful from the moment we arrived and we witnessed many occasions where a member of the staff went out of their way to help a guest of the wedding.
- The winery is laid out very well and from a vendor point of view, made it very easy for us to load/unload, haul our equipment to the correct area, and set up.
Ponte Winery grape vines
- The beautiful view from the windows in the banquet room made us wish that it didn't have to get dark.

Other things to consider:
- This winery is a popular and has a very good restaurant, which means that on any given day, it will probably be crowded. This boils down to personal preference, but for me, I like a more private celebration and wouldn't care to have so many people that weren't a part of my wedding around. For the most part the other winery patrons stayed at the restaurant patio, but we did witness a few people wanting to get a glimpse of the banquet room all decorated (they had a daughter/niece/sister/cousin who was getting married and was curious about the room).

All in all, Ponte is yet another solid venue to consider if you are planning a winery wedding in beautiful Temecula, CA.

To hopefully add to the value of this blog, I made sure to collect the info of the other vendors at the wedding, so that I could link to them here for your consideration:

Photographer: Xavier Baley
DJ/Entertainment: Bill Calhoun Mobile Music (The particular DJ was Dave. Great Guy!)
Another Photographer: Nick Kova (Not the photographer for the wedding, but he gave us a card as we were loading up)

Enjoy these other photos taken with my trusty Droid Incredible

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